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  • Airdrie, AB T4B 2S8
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Our Association is committed to an active leadership role promoting Simmental as a highly sought after, productive and efficient breed. We recognize the value of both purebred and Simmental and Simmental influenced cattle. Through continuous public awareness, we strive for increased acceptance by the producer and consumer markets resulting in a greater share of the beef production industry.

Our accountability to our membership includes financial prudence, fair and equal representation, support of the provincial 4-H program, and the encouragement and endorsement of the Alberta Young Canadian Simmental Association (AYCSA).

We pursue strategic partnership with the Canadian Simmental Association and the Regional Alberta Associations. We recognize their respective missions and work together to pursue emerging markets, anticipating industry trends, and satisfying future needs of the Simmental producer and beef consumer.

Simmental News

THANK YOU to everyone who attended our Annual Herd Tours and AGM. We would like to congratulate Rancier Farms on being named the 2016 Alberta Simmental Ambassador, and Sargent Farms on being the 2016 Alberta Simmental Commercial Cattlemen of the year.


No additional prizes for Champions.
Mail or email your application to Heather Saucier.

Leaders need to provide as much contact info. as possible including email, phone, fax, mail and names of kids with Simmental projects. The applications can be sent in a soon as weigh-in in October.

The Alberta Simmental Association's goal is to promote Simmental genetics to commercial and purebred breeders across the province.
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